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Video clips taken from Waitakere BMX Club - or of our Waitakere riders riding at other tracks. Do you have a video you'd like included? Let us know.

Come and Race with us - Waitakere BMX Promo Video Clip.

A short promotional clip for the Waitakere BMX Club.

Club night - 6th October 2011

Club night racing is fun and low key. Here's a quick look at how it is - through the eyes of several riders. Thanks to Blair, Brad and Stu for allowing the camera to be mounted on their bikes.

Club night - 17th December 2009

A video clip of our last club night for 2009. Thanks to Jonny van Rooy for the additional camera work in this clip.

Camera Testing - 14th December 2009

Cliff testing his camera set up, forward and rear facing this time around.

Camera Testing - 25th November 2009

Cliff doing the first of his wide-angled camera tests from his helmet mount. Marc and Tau Edwards and Blake Nyenkamp help out.

Messing about on the track - 8th November 2009

Jessie Inia-Brown and Cliff Field having some fun doing some jumping for the camera. Jessie does the second straight backwards at the end of the clip.

Cliff Field doing some jumping - 13th October 2009

Cliff has way too much time on his hands and does a lot of jumping in this clip.

 A close call on the triple jump.

One of our riders has a big moment on the triple jump.
A club night from the rider's perspective.

A club night, as seen from a helment mounted camera.
Logan Atkinson jumping the triple.

Logan Atkinson jumping the triple jump on the first straight.
Logan Atkinson nose-diving the triple.

Logan getting a bit tricky with it and nose-diving the triple jump.
Frame mounted camera test 2.

Second test for Cliff's frame mounted camera set up. More successful this time around.
Frame mounted camera test.

A failed camera test run on a club night. The camera took too much vibration and the footage wasn't really useable.
Some helmet camera testing - November 2009.

The original helmet camera test carried out by Cliff Field. Cliff litterally strapped a mini-DV video camera to his helmet for this footage.
An elite womens race from 2006.

An elite women's race at Waitakere from 2006. The track is quite different now to how it was back then.