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A special thank you goes to each of the people here who have provided us with photos. We reallt appreciate the effort it takes to get the shots and get them to us.

 Date  Meeting / Occasion  Photographer(s) / Contributors
 07-Mar-2014  Waitakere BMX Club Night (Facebook)  Chris Boyle
 23-Feb-2014  'Last Chance' N.Q.M. meeting (Gallery 1) (Facebook)  Heather Speedy
 23-Feb-2014  'Last Chance' N.Q.M. meeting (Gallery 2) (Facebook)  Heather Speedy/Ayrton Brant
 23-Feb-2014  'Last Chance' N.Q.M. meeting (Gallery 3) (Facebook)  Monique Rush
 23-Feb-2014  'Last Chance' N.Q.M. meeting (Gallery 4) (Facebook)  Sebastien Bouchet
 13-Dec-2013  Waitakere BMX Club Night (Facebook)  Monique Rush
 06-Oct-2013  Waitakere BMX Open Day 2013 (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 06-Oct-2013  Waitakere BMX Open Day 2013 (Gallery 2) (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 26-May-2013  Waitakere BMX Club "Have a go" day (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 21-Mar-2013  Waitakere BMX Club Night (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 14-Mar-2013  Waitakere BMX Club Night (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 20-Dec-2012  Waitakere BMX Club Night (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 13-Dec-2012  Waitakere BMX Club Night  Ayrton Brant
 30-Sep-2012  Waitakere BMX Open Day 2012 (Facebook)  Ayrton Brant
 03-Feb-2011  Waitakere BMX Club Night  Ant McVeigh
11-Nov-2010  Waitakere BMX Club Night  Cliff Field
 21-Oct-2010  Waitakere BMX Club Night  Cliff Field
 19-Oct-2010  Waitakere BMX Training Night  Cliff Field
 17-Oct-2010  Sunset Coast Waiuku Nominated Qualifying Meeting  Cliff Field
 04-Mar-2010  Waitakere BMX club night  Dave Forrest
 21-Feb-2010  Waitakere riders at North Harbour (Valentines meeting)  Robert Nyenkamp/Cliff Field
 04-Feb-2010  Waitakere BMX club night  Cliff Field
 31-Jan-2010  Waitakere riders at the Auckland Championships  Cliff Field