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News round-up from Waitakere BMX Club

Date: 07 February 2014

There's been a lot to talk about recently here at Waitakere BMX Club. Here's just a few of the cool things that have been happening.

Upcoming "Last Chance N.Q.M. Meeting"
We're hosting the last N.Q.M. of the season for the Northern region on the 23rd February. Entries have been steady thus far and are being extended to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday 12th Feb. Late entries will incur a $10 late fee. We're looking for help with lots of different tasks at the N.Q.M. meeting, so if you're keen to help out, please let us know. Go here for more info. 

Funding Grant received for new start gate and ramp
A recent news article on our web site covered this topic, but suffice to say, we've received a good chunk of money (by way of a grant) that is going to enable us to build a new ramp to house a nice new start gate. We're hoping to have this process underway just after the end of this season. This will mean that come the start of the 2014/2015 season in October, we should have a nice new start gate and ramp to break-in. We're looking forward to it.

Track Working Bees
We had a brilliant working bee on Sunday 2nd February and achieved a huge amount both on and off the track. Not only was the track looked after, but we had people hacking weeds in the infield and also others working on repairing the old registration hut just inside the track entrance. We have another working bee coming up this Sunday (9th February) at 9:00 a.m. We're going to continue with track work but we also hope to level off some of the infield area in order to create a bigger spectator area for the Last Chance N.Q.M. If you can make it on Sunday - even if just for one hour - please come down and pitch in. We'll all benefit from the work done.

Ongoing track development
Along with the re-surfacing of the track, done at recent working bees, we've also got other plans for the track with regards to addressing the slight uphill rise into the 2nd turn. Current ideas include lifting the base of the first corner by 3 foot or so and re-packing it with a dirt base rather than the current rock/dirt base (this will avoid any issues with rocks coming to the surface due to errosion). Keeping the surface on the corners is difficult during summer and equally difficult during winter. Although not in the immediate plan, we are currently leaning towards tar-sealing the corners, but this will require further funding and likely won't happen prior to next season. Along with those ideas, we're also discussing options for the last corner along the same lines as the first corner (lifting it to speed up the exit on to the last straight). We'll keep you informed as more info comes to light.

New Calendar page on our web site
Our web site hamster has been busily hacking away at the keyboard and has created a new calendar page for us. The page allows you to quickly view all upcoming meetings, download entry forms and also print out the calendar so that you can take a copy with you where ever you go. Using the calendar, you can select which Waitakere-related items you want to see (you can hide training sessions for instace) and then print out a calendar that suits your needs. We have more web site related changes coming in the near future.... Stay tuned.

Alrighty, that's your fix of WTK news for the moment. Stay tuned for more....

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